Saturday, 22 Jan 2022

Qualities of a good programming expert

Qualities of a good programming expert

There is a saying that goes around in IT circles that the best programming expert is not one who is the most skilled or qualified but one who can complete his or her task in the most meticulous manner. A programmer has to be meticulous, all right as he or she needs to come up with a software program that has to be reliable and capable of working in the long run. They should have many qualities apart from knowledge.

Skills that a good programmer should possess

There are many programming experts. By looking at their skill sets and work graph, here are a few of the most important skill sets that you should possess.

Technical knowledge: Of course, this is one trait that is most important. It is just the general qualifications he or she needs to have but should be able to be in touch with anything that’s new. If there is a new language out there, he or she needs to grasp it asap.

A learner: The above point calls for constant learning. Especially, in the area of software, something or the other crops every other day.

Decoding skills: A programming expert isn’t just expected to create codes but if the program doesn’t work as it should be, he should be able to go to the crux of the problem and find the solution. Handling bugs should be a good quality for a programming expert.

Adaptability: A capable programming expert is one who can adapt himself into any office environment. He should be able to put in his best in the situation he is in. Concentration needs to be the key here for any programming expert.

Problem solver: Problems are a daily issue for a programming expert. So, one who can be the best is one who can solve problems in the best manner and in the quickest time as possible. A programming expert is meant to be creative, so for him, it is not ‘what’ that counts but ‘how’.

Love for his work: Programming experts have to be passionate about their work and sometimes a task cannot be completed in the time span of 9 to 5. An efficient one is who doesn’t’ mind but loves spending extra hours working on coding and languages to bring out the best program he has ever written. It can be safely said that a programming experthas to be a geek.