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Take her breath away with the best diamond engagement rings

Take her breath away with the best diamond engagement rings

When did the popularity of diamonds come into picture? Well, it is believed that the tradition of engagement rings started way back from the 12th century but diamonds entered the scene only in the 1930s.  It was reported that by 1965, a majority of new brides in the US, approximated more than 80 per cent, chose diamond engagement and wedding rings. The diamonds became a rage after the popularity of the classic slogan launched by De Beers in 1947, which said, ‘Diamonds are forever’ and that slogan is still associated with diamonds. Diamond’s strength, clarity, shine, beauty, durability are what a woman sees in her man when he proposes her with a diamond ring. That explains the wide popularity enjoyed by diamond engagement rings since 10 decades or more.

Now that you have decided to bring on the magic of diamonds in your love and wedding, it is time for you to shop for one of the best diamond engagement ringsfor your beloved would be wife. Here are some pointers that will help you to reach the best piece of diamond jewellery at ease.

Tips to buy the best engagement rings in diamond

Look through the diverse shapes of diamonds available, and give a glance to each of the unique designs. The diamond’s shape in the ring is very important, alongside the four Cs of diamond grading –the Clarity, the Cut, the Carat and the Color. Give a close understanding to your partner’s personality and try choosing the best that suits her thoughts and enhances her beauty.

The shape and cut of the diamond are equally important. Each of the cut varies from the other – oblong, diamond, square, oval and many more geometrical shapes can be found while you browse through the collection.

Give a close attention to the framework of the ring and check for the intricate designs involved. The framework also defines the traditional authenticity of the diamond ring.

There are engagement and wedding rings that can be bought together. You may look at purchasing the best pair of rings that complement your engagement and wedding trousseau too.

Check for the color of the diamond before choosing the ring – how white is it or how yellow is the diamond – this defines the color efficiency of the diamond. You may choose the one that suits the outfit.

Choosing the type of metal is also important. You may choose from gold, rose tinted gold, silver and platinum depending on your tastes and likes for the metal. Also, ensure that your partner has no allergies to such metals. Platinum is always a safe game as it is hypoallergic in nature – this makes it a sought after metal for people with skin allergies.

Consider your budget as well before you get on to buying one of the best engagement rings.Remember, it is always a good idea to buy a piece of jewellery that falls well within your budget. However, it is equally important to buy a decent piece of finger jewellery – you get what you pay for! So, choose accordingly.